Wholesale Commercial Lenders:

Acquire Targeted Deal Flow Filtered to your preferences and delivered in real time while the broker (referring party) is still actively reviewing your directory listing.

How Qualified Are These Referred CRE Loan Requests ? It doesn't get any better. Qualified CRE loan referrals matching your preferences delivered in real time direct to your AEs with broker contact info along with the details of the loan request they inquired about.

Commercial Mortgage Leads - Services
  • Here's How it Works:
    1) The Mortgage Broker Has an Account On Our Site.

    2) Searches for CRE Funding Using up to 10 Fields Specific to the needs of a commercial loan.

    3) System Returns a Search Result (sample)

    4) Your Listing Shows in Those Results and If You Are a Level 4 Client You Enjoy (Preferred Placement ) Placing Your Listing in The #1 or #2 Position.

    5) In The Instant a Search is Returned, Your AE Receives The Broker's Full Contact Info (Name, Co Name, Number of Employees, Address, State, Zip, Phone, Email) With All of The Particulars of That Loan Request.

    You set your filters as you wish and can change anytime. No waiting weeks for a new ad to be in print or wondering who looked at it and for what..
    AE only receives inbound inquiries from brokers seeking funding for loans matching your filtered underwriting guidelines.

    You'll know instantly who, what, when and precisely how to contact them while their still looking at your ad.
    Now That's as Hot as It Gets!
  • For The Broker - This is an invaluable tool to help them close more commercial loans while establishing relationships with funding sources they otherwise would not have discovered.
  • For The AE - It's the Ultimate Commercial Deal Flow Machine.
    No time wasted on loan requests from brokers that don't match what you can fund. Deal flow vetted in advance and in real time.
    1) Better vetting of deals before you see them due to their being filtered prior to your AEs being notified.
    2) Complete control of your targeting and message in real time gives you the ability to roll out new loan products in seconds vs. weeks from an advertising perspective.

    Capture broker / referring party info to further build your own network of partners.

    Deal Flow Control - You can ramp targeted deal flow up or down depending on service level and account settings.

    DATA - Measure your success in real time with Impression, Clicks and Deal Data to better design your campaign moving forward.
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